20/02/2017 - 05:45 am

Checkmate’s Lightweight Tripod for Safe Working or Load Carrying

The ultra lightweight TR3 tripod is designed to provide access or fall protection in a confined space. It has a load capacity of 100kg for fall arrest and 250kg for goods carrying

It offers either anchorage for suspended work or a secure fall arrest point if accessing via alternative means such as a ladder. The TR3 can provide extra anchorage for one winch operator or supervisor standing next to the tripod.

With the addition of some extra equipment the TR3 can be used for carrying goods.

The TR3 has auto locking legs, two pulleys and one eye bolt as standard. It is of a light-weight alloy construction is 2.2m when fully extended and collapses to 1.5m. The tripod has captive detent pins, spring loaded pulleys with a captive pin, robust pivoting spiked feet and pin keeper wires.

It can be equipped with up to three pulleys and up to three eyebolts; a FABXR attachment; a FABXLR attachment; a hand winch attachment and a Harken LokHead winch attachment.  An optional protective storage / carry bag can also be supplied.

The TR3 weighs less than 15kgs making it easily transported, yet it is even stronger and more durable due to the new crown and feet design. The TR3 can be used with a range of other Checkmate equipment allowing for safe anchorage while carrying out work tasks and rescue in confined spaces.


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