12/05/2014 - 21:37 pm

CLARK Supports First Annual National Forklift Safety Day | Industry News

Clark Material Handling Co. is helping to promote and support the Industrial Truck Association's (ITA) first National Forklift Safety Day to be held June 10, 2014. The event will be held at Clark's Lexington, Ky. headquarters. 
Events include:
• An open house for local customers
• Lift Truck Operator Instructor Training Certification Course will be offered Onsite  
• New equipment safety demonstrations  
• Safety specific product walkarounds  
• Driver demonstrations on the safe operation of forklift trucks  
• A display of CLARK’s aftermarket safety products  
• Local media coverage including both print and radio outlets
Additionally, the ITA has a two full days of events scheduled in Washington, D.C. to support this endeavor.  The association has arranged activities that include keynote comments by OSHA and a reception with key government officials.  In addition to events, ITA member companies will also be meeting with their congressional leadership to discuss a number of trade initiatives currently in negotiation, including TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). 
Scott Johnson, vice president of business development for Clark and a member of the ITA executive committee and board of directors said,  “Through the efforts of all manufactures working together in the Industrial Truck Association we have been able to evaluate, refine and adopt product standards and operational standards that have resulted in safer products and safer work conditions for lift truck operators everywhere.  It is appropriate to annually recognize these accomplishments and to remind everyone that safe products and safe operations are not a cost, but rather a benefit to all parties.”     

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