01/05/2013 - 04:29 am

Colson Caster Designs Wheel for Ultra Heavy Loads

Colson Caster Corporation, Jonesboro, Ark., has announced its newest line of heavy-duty wheels for mass distribution: the Commander HD. The wheel is designed for superior performance in sabusive applications and environments where high-load requirements and impact resistance are prevalent.

The new Commander HD wheel is backed by Colson’s three-year warranty. The wheels were designed, engineered, and tested to to meet customer needs for a heavy-duty wheel alternative that protects floors and holds up to corrosive environments.

The Commander HD wheel is constructed of a high impact polymer, Nylatron. The wheels are machined, not injection molded, which enhances resilience and impact strength. In addition, the special polymer blend resists moisture and most chemicals making it suitable for corrosive environments. The wheel features a slightly crowned tread profile, rolls easily and provides better floor protection than other high capacity wheels, such as steel, iron or phenolic. Applications for the new wheel include, die carts, engine hoists, ground support equipment and much more.

The new Commander HD wheel is available now in 4-, 5- 6-, and 8-inch diameters, each with a 2-inch tread width. The wheel is also available with a 3-inch tread width for 8- and 10-inch sizes. Capacities for each wheel range from an impressive 2,000 lbs to 7,200 lbs each.

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