01/07/2013 - 15:06 pm

Columbus McKinnon Upgrades AirStar Chain Hoist and Series 653 Lever Hoist

Columbus McKinnon, Amherst, N.Y., has enhanced the CM AirStar chain hoist. The hoist now boasts a longer service life and superior air leak protection due to new upgrades to the control manifold and air seals. Available in 1/4- to 1-ton capacities, the CM AirStar offers fast lifting speeds and low operating costs.

The company also has updated the CM Series 653 ratchet lever hoist with a shorter handle design. Ideal for confined work areas, the Series 653 3/4- and 1-1/2 ton capacity models are now easier to operate. This change makes the Series 653 even more compact, allowing the operator to take full advantage of the 360° rotating handle with less worry of obstructions. The shorter handle
also reduces the overall weight of the hoist, making it even easier to carry and operate. The Series 653 offers more corrosion resistant parts and features a simple one-handed free chaining mechanism.


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