26/12/2012 - 04:00 am

Comatrol Introduces HLE10 Logic Elements

Comatrol has introduced the HLE10-CPC and HLE10-OPO high power logic elements. The design of the HLE10 models focuses on high performance in cost-effective valve designs with small space claims. These logic elements use a 10-3S cavity that allows for higher flow than a standard 10-3 cavity, and were designed for high pressure of 350 bar (5075 psi). 

“The release of the HLE10 logic elements allows a designer to make a smaller and more cost-effective manifold when optimizing the valve for the job,” says Mike Stoltenow, U.S. regional account manager. “Previously, they had to select a 12 size valve, where now there is an option to apply the smaller HLE10 with its high flow capacity for these popular schematics.” Stoltenow adds: “The increased pressure capability to 350 bar also opens the door to higher power circuits  and steel manifold designs that weren’t an option before.”

The HLE10-CPC is a high pressure logic element, normally closed, pilot to close and features a rated flow of 80 LPM (21.1 US gal/min). This valve can be applied as a load-sensing bypass compensator for a fixed displacement pump with single or multiple actuators. Designers can also apply this logic element as a bypass-type pressure-compensated flow control. 

The addition of these 10-3S cavity valves allow Comatrol to offer circuit designers a full range of sizes for these two popular schematics – 10-3, 10-3S, 12-3S, 16-3S and 20-3S size options.  The family of valves provide flows ranging from 50 LPM (13 GPM) to 320 LPM (85 GPM) for the CPC schematic and from 40 LPM (11 GPM) to 200 LPM (53 GPM) for the OPO schematic – at 7 bar (100 psi) pressure drop.

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