08/08/2017 - 17:41 pm

Coppard Plant Hire Buys Two Unic Spider Cranes

A Unic URW-706 and URW-706-2 mini-cranes have been sold to Coppard Plant hire in the UK.

Coppard Plant Hire, based in Surrey, specialises in providing a range of plant machinery including excavators, tracked dumpers and lifting equipment to a range of industries.

This purchase sees the first sale of the new Unic URW-706-2 model in the United Kingdom. The 706-2 still retains all of the benefits of the standard URW-706 model, but features a new hydraulic searcher hook, providing a maximum hook height of 26m, an extra reach of 3m than that of the standard 706 model.

Together, the UWR-706 and URW-706-2 are two of the biggest cranes in the Unic range possessing 6t of lifting power, yet still compact enough for lifting in confined spaces. These cranes combine working flexibility and power.

The Unic URW-706 and URW-706-2 can be controlled from the operator’s driving seat or by a full function radio remote control for precise placement of loads.

Keaten Coppard, director at Coppard Plant Hire says, “We are very pleased to take delivery of these two cranes especially the 706-2, which I feel is a marked improvement on an already outstanding crane”.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group says, “I am pleased to announce that GGR Group has sold the first URW-706-2 model in the UK. Alongside the purchase of the URW-706, this double sale highlights Coppard’s forward thinking nature in choosing to work with some of the most innovative lifting equipment on the market. We are confident that the extra reach of the URW-706-2 and continued popularity of the standard URW-706 model will prove invaluable for them. We look forward to working with Coppard Plant Hire in the future”.

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