05/02/2015 - 16:28 pm

Crane Institute of America partners with independent trainers

A new training partnership programme from the Crane Institute of America is designed to provide independent crane and rigging trainers with the tools they need to prepare employees for qualification and/or certification. The Crane Institute’s Training Partnership provides trainers with access to a professionally developed training programme and curriculum with over 300 slides, videos and workbooks, backed by nearly 30 years’ experience in sound training methods.

Prospective training partners are independent training consultants or trainers employed by contractors, utilities, the petrochemical industry, or other businesses with crane and rigging operations. Participating training partners integrate the Crane Institute’s curriculum and materials into their own training departments and are listed on the Crane Institute of America’s website as a partner provided with certificates

“Why re-invent the wheel?” asks Jim Headley, president of the Crane Institute of America. “Trends in risk management and stiffer regulatory requirements have increased demand for quality training. This programme gives employers professional training resources at a fraction of the cost compared to developing their own training programme in-house, while allowing the flexibility to customise the training programme to their specific equipment and on-site needs and requirements,” he said.

The process is simple: candidates attend Train-the-Trainer Programmes of their choice to become proficient and certified as trainers by the Crane Institute of America. Options include mobile crane, small crane (including boom trucks, knuckleboom cranes, digger derricks and service mechanic trucks), overhead cranes, forklifts, and rigger/signalperson Train-the-Trainer classes. In addition, a train-the-trainer course for aerial work platforms will be introduced later in 2015.

Approved trainers, earning two-year credentials, can then purchase a license to use the Crane Institute’s online training programme, which can be used anywhere in the world. Training partners can also purchase and use CIA workbooks, handbooks and other applicable training materials. Additionally, certificates of training and other means of documentation can be co-branded with their company logo.

Train-the-Trainer courses range from three to seven days and open enrollment dates are available at our Orlando, Florida, facility. Alternatively, all Train-the-Trainer programmes can be held at your facility and customised for your equipment and typical lifting activities

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