24/09/2013 - 07:36 am

Crosby Launches New Shackle for Grommets


Crosby Europe has launched a new range of shackles—the G2170 shackle for grommets. The Crosby G2170 Grommet shackles are specially designed for use with single or double large diameter grommets.

The large sling contact area enhances the efficiency of the grommet sling, while the bearing surface is at least five times the bearing surface of a round shackle, increasing the usable sling strength by a minimum of 60%.

The new grommet shackles use the new Crosby Easy-Loc shackle bolt system. All 2170 shackles can meet requirements of DNV Standard for Certification of Lifting Appliances (available upon special request at time of order), while shackles requiring ABS, Lloyds, and other certifications are also available upon request.

All sizes are RFID-equipped in bow and pin.

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