17/10/2011 - 04:00 am

Crosby Offers iPad Apps of its Users Guide and Block Selection Guide

The Crosby Group, Tulsa, Okla., announces two apps for use with iPads, designed to enhance product selection and guide proper use. “Crosby has an ongoing commitment to utilize the latest technology in order to provide the information required to ensure the proper application of our products,” said Ron Vanderslice, marketing manager for The Crosby Group.

Two versions of each application are available at the Apple App Store. According Mike Wheeler, director of marketing, the apps were designed for the larger format iPad because the level of detail provided would be difficult to read on the average smart phone screen. Click here for direct links to the products from Crosby’s website.

Development on a third app—the Crosby Sling Calculator 6.0—is nearing completion. Look for more information on it in the coming weeks.

Users Guide for Lifting, in both a free and paid version, is an electronic version of Crosby’s popular print catalog, of which there is more than a half million copies in circulation. The free app contains references to various B30 standards concerning inspection/rejection criteria for slings and hardware, rigging terminology, guidelines for developing a rigging plan, wire rope and chain capacity charts, sling loading information, working with center of gravity, and product information on Crosby hardware.

The Plus version, available for $9.99, additionally includes functional calculators for sling leg tension, volumes and weights, center of gravity, and units conversion.

The Block Selection and Application Guide is also offered in free and paid versions. The free app is a sound reference on mechanical advantage, block reeving, rigging with multiple parts of line, angle factor multipliers, D/d ratio, sheave bearing terminology, and wedge sockets. It also offers inspection criteria for blocks, sheaves, and hooks, as well as detailed information about various types of blocks—overhaul balls, construction blocks, snatch blocks, tower/derrick blocks, and tilt-up blocks.

More interactive tools are part of the $9.99 upgrade in the Plus version. This includes functional calculators for parts of line, block angle multiplier, D/d ratio, and several products. It also includes sample inspection forms for blocks, sheaves, and block hooks.

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