01/05/2013 - 05:00 am

Crown Equipment Adds Two V-Force V-HFM Series Charger Models

As more battery-powered forklift users move from conventional charging to opportunity charging, Crown Equipment has introduced two new models to its V-Force V-HFM (High-Frequency Modular) series charger as well as a battery monitoring identification device (BMID). The enhanced V-HFM Series Charger enables users to take advantage of a versatile charging system offering 93 percent efficiency rates and up to a 15 percent power savings when compared with traditional Ferro and SCR chargers.

The new FS5 model provides a charging current up to 300A; the new FS9 provides a charging current up to 540A. The addition of the FS5 and FS9 models to the V-HFM Series enables users to charge batteries of any size – 24/36/48 volt – via conventional, opportunity and fast charging methods.

According to Craig Bruns, director of aftermarket, Crown Equipment: “In some lighter-duty applications, we are seeing customers shift from conventional to opportunity charging. Every time an operator goes on break and between each shift change, an ‘opportunity’ exists to charge the battery. As opposed to conventional charging, where batteries are typically fully discharged and then changed out, opportunity charging extends battery run time and removes the need to change batteries. This significantly reduces the expense of stocking extra batteries, as well as the man hours and equipment required to perform the change. The Crown V-HFM Series also allows for fast charging, an accelerated charge rate that cuts opportunity charging time by as much as half.”

The new FS5 and FS9 models occupy approximately 41 percent less space than typical cabinet chargers, allowing more chargers to be positioned in a charging area. Lightweight design affords one-man installation. The chargers are also mountable on the wall, shelf, rack or any convenient facility location.

Onboard intelligence allows monitoring of performance and battery condition. The chargers’ software also prevents charging of an incorrect battery type and configuration. Charge logs can be easily downloaded to laptop computers via a USB connection port.

Power modules within the chargers are interchangeable and easily replaced in the event of failure. Redundancy within the unit ensures that even in the event of a module failure, the unit will continue to charge at a reduced rate until a new module is installed.


BMID Accessory Delivers Life-Extending Features

Additionally, Crown introduced the BMID. When a battery mounted with a BMID is plugged into a V-HFM Series Charger, it sends battery-specific information to the charger on the charge profile required for that specific battery. This module mounts on top of the battery and communicates to the charger through the battery cable so not additional wiring is required.

Through the application of the optional BMID module on all batteries, managers can reduce the number of chargers needed within a facility. Any battery can be charged at any charging station, eliminating the need for voltage-specific, dedicated chargers.

When paired with a BMID, the charger can also optimize the charge and enhance battery life. The BMID reads battery temperature and cell voltage to provide precise control over the charge profile, preventing over- and under-charging to maximize battery life and charger efficiency. The BMID also performs on-demand equalization as it monitors the starting, midpoint and ending voltage of the battery. Should the voltages differentiate significantly, the BMID will perform an extended charge to bring all cell voltages to the same level.

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