25/06/2013 - 20:54 pm

Crown Equipment Extends Stockpicker Offering with New SP 4000 Series | Construction News

Crown Equipment Corp., has introduced the Crown SP 4000 Series, which is a 36-volt, battery-powered stockpicker capable of handling capacities up to 3,000 lbs. and reaching a lift height of 366 in. The forklift features a number of technologies that help optimize the orderpicking process and increase overall warehouse productivity.

The Crown SP 4000 features a regenerative lowering system that captures lost energy and returns it to the battery. The forklift has an AC traction system that offers responsive control and smooth directional changes, and offers an AC lift system with a variable lift/lower feature for precise operation. The Crown SP 4000 features a maximum travel speed of 7.5 miles per hour, a lift speed of 100 ft. per minute and a lower speed of 80 ft. per minute.

“Our customers are looking to us for ways to save costs and increase efficiencies. One of the most direct ways to accomplish this goal is to gain throughput in the warehouse by enabling operators to do their jobs faster,” said Tim Forlow, marketing product manager, Crown Equipment. “By surpassing industry benchmarks in travel, lift and lower speeds in nearly all scenarios, the Crown SP 4000 Series puts operators in a successful position to complete more cycles within a defined time period.”

According to Forlow, Crown Equipment, the SP 4000 Series exhibits an operator-centric design that has resulted in one of the industry’s most accommodating operator compartments. It features the industry’s largest platform window – 50% larger than other stockpickers – and provides operators the visibility they need to safely and effectively maneuver up and down the warehouse aisle. The forklift has a rigid mast design and offers the most usable floor space of any stockpicker, which both help to improve operator confidence and productivity.

The Crown SP 4000 includes the company’s Access 1 2 3 technology that provides on-board intelligence for monitoring and controlling all systems of the forklift to ensure superior performance and reliability. Access 1 2 3 also provides advanced diagnostics that allow technicians to access troubleshooting capabilities. The on-board display panel shows a battery discharge indicator (BDI), an hour meter, operator and service messages and event codes.

The forklift can also be equipped with Crown Equipment’s InfoLink, a wireless fleet and operator management system that delivers data from forklifts through content-rich dashboards that help fleet managers focus on real efficiency opportunities. The software saves time and money by turning mounds of real-time and historic data into organized, prioritized and actionable information. 


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