21/04/2014 - 22:43 pm

Crown Equipment’s QuickPick Remote Earns Design Award | Industry News

Crown Equipment's QuickPick Remote order-picking technology has earned its third international design award from the iF International Forum Design's 2014 product design competition in the category of Transportation Design/Special Vehicles.

Crown’s QuickPick Remote is utilizes technology to reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity and safety. Order selectors  press a button on a wireless transceiver glove to remotely advance the forklift to the next pick location, essentially eliminating the need to return to the operator compartment while picking.

The company's field studies have shown that the technology helps reduce the number of steps order selectors take on and off the platform by up to 70%. 

“Research has shown that warehouse workers may walk up to 15 miles and carry up to 10,000 pounds per day,” said  Jim Kraimer, director of industrial design-Europe, Crown Equipment. “With that information – as well as Crown’s knowledge of the operator-forklift relationship – our focus is always to improve productivity and efficiency while keeping operators comfortable and safe. With QuickPick Remote, operators experience much less fatigue from this demanding work environment, and they are more productive.”

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