25/07/2013 - 16:18 pm

Crown Extends Stacker Offering with New ES 4000 Series | Construction News

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Crown ES 4000 Stacker series designed for small spaces. It is capable of handling capacities up to 3,500 lbs. and can reach a lift height of 132 in. The forklift is intended for use in stacking, stock replenishment, and work positioning in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and printing operations.

The compact pallet stacker offers enhanced handling and control features with increased all-around visibility and maneuverability. It has a fork-over design where the forks nest directly over the outriggers to handle a variety of items, from open-bottom pallets and skids to wire baskets.

At the core of the Crown ES 4000 is the heavy-duty drive unit, which features a Crown-built AC drive motor and cast iron gear box. The AC traction system offers responsive control and smooth directional changes. The motor’s brushless design eliminates the need for routine brush inspection and replacement. Crown’s e-GEN braking system uses the motor’s torque to deliver frictionless braking, which eliminates mechanical braking during normal operations and significantly reduces the need for brake adjustments and overall maintenance.

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 technology provides optimum performance and control through intelligent coordination of traction, hydraulic, braking and other forklift systems. The customer can configure the truck so that the display interface allows operators to choose from three performance settings that can be programmed to customize stacker performance for specific applications or operator requirements. Up to 25 secure PIN codes can be assigned to individual operators and matched to one of the pre-programmed performance profiles.

“A new operator may need to move slowly through an operation; while a more experienced operator may be able to perform tasks at a faster pace,” said Rod Squires, product manager, Crown Equipment. “Through Access 1 2 3, speed, acceleration, plugging and lift system performance settings can easily be set to accommodate differences in operator skill levels and the facility environment.”

Access 1 2 3 provides advanced built-in diagnostics that allow technicians to access real-time troubleshooting capabilities. The Access 1 2 3 display panel provides operator information that includes a battery discharge indicator (BDI), an hour meter, operator and service messages and event codes. The forklift can also be equipped with Crown Equipment’s InfoLink, a wireless fleet and operator management system that delivers data from forklifts through content-rich dashboards that help fleet managers focus on real efficiency opportunities.

The Crown ES 4000 also includes Crown’s exclusive X10 control handle that features advanced ergonomics, and offers proportional lift-and-lower control for precise handling and load placement. A patented brake override feature ensures accurate maneuvering in tight spaces when the handle is in the near-vertical position, reducing the risk of damage to the truck, load and facility. The handle also features a switch that allows operators to quickly change to a slower speed to help navigate tight areas or position loads. A die-cast aluminum handle features structural webbing and attaches to a heavy-duty steel tiller arm for long-lasting durability.

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