21/10/2014 - 20:44 pm

Crown Produces Engines for C-5 Series Forklifts | Industry News

Crown Equipment Corporation is now producing the 2.4L LPG engine used in its Crown C-5 Series industrial forklifts. The engines are being built in a 165,500-sq.-ft. facility in Troy, Ohio, which Crown purchased in 2012. Crown Equipment worked closely with John Deere Power Systems to jointly develop an engine built specifically for forklifts operating in tough environments. Initially, John Deere Power Systems supplied the engines and has since supported Crown throughout the transition of the engine production to the new Crown facility. Moving forward, Crown’s completed engines will be transported to its Greencastle, Ind., plant to be placed inside Crown C-5 Series forklifts for delivery to customers.

According to Jim Dicke III, president, Crown Equipment, said that Crown’s integrated manufacturing practices “provide a level of control and consistency that brings unsurpassed quality and increased dependability and reliability to customers. It’s a forward-thinking culture that Crown embraces globally, and has resulted in competitive differentiation for the Crown lift trucks customer experience.”

The Crown C-5 Series is built for indoor and outdoor environments requiring material handling equipment capable of performing in harsh conditions that traditionally have been too tough for sustained forklift performance. As a result, the Crown C-5 Series is equipped with durable components, such as an on-demand cooling system, that extend product life, increase uptime and reduce total maintenance costs. It can handle capacities up to 6,500 lbs. 

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