15/03/2013 - 15:45 pm

Curtiss-Wright Controls Industrial Division Business Group Merger


The Curtiss-Wright Controls Industrial Division (CWCI) has completed an acquisition and a merger to complement its existing Penny + Giles Controls business. Together the three companies—Penny + Giles Controls, PG Drives Technology and Williams Controls—create a business group with a turnover in excess of $160 million.

“The acquisition of PG Drives Technology significantly strengthens and expands Curtiss-Wright’s existing industrial controls business, providing growth in a new direction and a strong presence in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market,” said Martin Benante, chairman and CEO, Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

“With almost four decades as a leading supplier of high-end and reliable electric vehicle control systems, PG Drives Technology (PGDT) brings unmatched expertise, experience and long-standing customer relationships to Curtiss-Wright. This acquisition enhances our market diversification with further penetration into existing industrial and medical markets, while simultaneously increasing our presence and product offerings in the specialty vehicle market.”

He added that all three businesses will operate within the Curtiss-Wright Controls industrial division.

Explaining the benefits of the PGDT acquisition, managing director Hal Chenhall said Curtiss-Wright is an ideal parent, bringing increased investment and resources to the business. 

“PGDT’s advanced control technology is central to Curtiss-Wright’s strategy for diversification and expansion into mobility and industrial systems and combined we are leaders in position measurement and control for the world’s most demanding industries.”

PGDT control systems are used in electric vehicles including material handling vehicles, floor-cleaning machines, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters serving the industrial and medical markets. The company’s products deliver precise variable power from batteries to electric drive motors, and are fully programmable to suit various motor types, voltages and power levels. All products incorporate proprietary advanced motor control algorithms and available accessories include joystick controls, displays for battery state-of-charge and vehicle status, and field programming units.

Just a month after the PG Drives acquisition, U.S. electronic sensors and throttle controls manufacturer Williams Controls announced a merger with Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s motion control business. Williams Controls is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly-engineered electronic sensors and electronic throttle controls for off-road equipment, heavy trucks, and military vehicles.

Patrick Cavanagh, Williams Controls president and CEO, said that by combining Williams Controls’ global leadership in electronic throttle controls with Curtiss-Wright’s motion control segment, the business can more quickly achieve its strategic vision to expand its range of pedal systems, sensors and joysticks to become a solutions supplier to its customers in the commercial truck and off-road markets.

Summing up the significant strengthening and expansion of Curtiss-Wright’s existing industrial controls business, Benante said it is another step toward the group’s vision to be the supplier of choice for driver control subsystems in specialty vehicles.

Products from all three CWCI division businesses will be on show together for the first time at this year’s Bauma show in Munich. The range includes position sensors, joystick and throttle controllers, solenoid actuators and electric control systems suitable for a wide range of specialty vehicle applications.

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