07/03/2012 - 04:00 am

Custom Equipment Unveils Fully Proportional Control for HB-830 Lift

Custom Equipment Inc., Richfield, Wis., has unveiled the prototype of a new control system for its HB-830 Hy-Brid compact electrically powered scissor lift. The new system features a dual-axis joystick with fully proportional control that allows precise and easy control of travel and steering. Moving the joystick forward or backward travels the lift in the corresponding direction. Moving the joystick left or right steers it.

The controller allows slow, inching creep that makes it easier to maneuver in the tightest spaces. So do the HB-830’s direct electric travel drive and counter-rotatable rear wheels. “The ability to counter-rotate the rear (steering) wheels makes the HB-830 virtually a zero-turn machine,” said Jeff Valind, Custom Equipment’s vice president of production and operations. The front wheels can freewheel to permit tight maneuvering.

The HB-830 measures 47 inches long, 30 inches wide, and stands just 69.25 inches tall with the platform stowed. Its compactness, maneuverability, and 1,115-pound overall weight enable it to work in small areas like utility closets and on areas with restricted floor loadings.

With the mode selector pointed to “lift,” the new prototype control system's joystick also provides fully proportional raising and lowering, with inching creep available for precise positioning of the platform. The HB-830’s maximum platform height is 8’0” and its maximum capacities are 500 pounds on the platform or 250 pounds on the 19-inch platform extension.

“It can work the entire job, from the time the first floor slab has hardened until the electrical and communication wiring, sprinkler system, and last ceiling tile have been installed in the finished building,” said Valind.

The prototype controller features a larger joystick that's the same size as those on Custom Equipment’s larger lifts. “The prototype controller's joystick makes the feel more consistent for people who work in different sizes of Hy-Brid lifts,” said Valind.

In addition to unveiling the prototype of the new control system, Custom Equipment has rolled out new tires that offer slightly higher grip for the HB-830.

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