13/06/2006 - 05:00 am

DBI-SALA Introduces i-Safe Intelligent Safety System

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, recently introduced the new i-Safe Intelligent Safety System, which delivers real-time solutions for inspection, inventory control, and information management. The product combines radio frequency identification (RFID)-equipped fall-protection equipment with web-based information management to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the total cost of safety programs.

Effective immediately, all DBI-SALA fall protection harnesses will become i-Safe enabled, and i-Safe will be standard on all DBI-SALA equipment by the end of 2006. Additionally, a retrofit kit will be available to incorporate i-Safe technology on existing equipment, regardless of brand. i-Safe allows companies to track equipment assignments by worker or location, download or view equipment user-manuals, inspection criteria and safety regulations quickly and effortlessly.

The i-Safe RFID tags are read by portable electronic readers that scan and account for the equipment through unique serial numbers. Each tag's unique ID registers the product's model type and history. The tags have no battery to limit their life and are resistant to grease, dust and salt water to ensure efficient functionality. The recorded data is instantly available through a customized i-Safe web portal, which is set up and hosted by DBI-SALA professional safety and information management consultants. The web site also provides access to related safety and equipment information, training records, and product advisories.

For more information, visit www.capitalsafety.com.

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