30/06/2014 - 12:38 pm

DC-ProDC Chain Hoist Available in 7 Sizes from 80-5,000kg


Terex Material Handling is offering an additional model from its Demag DC chain hoist family for direct integration into customers’ installations.

DC-ProDC units feature direct control, offering a reliable solution for many applications, for example, raising and lowering lifting doors or furnace lids at high ambient temperatures.

Direct-controlled Demag DC-ProDC chain hoists are also employed wherever a customer wants to refurbish an existing installation and needs a simple lifting solution in which the chain hoist is to be controlled by an existing control system with a line supply.

DC-ProDC chain hoists with direct control are available in seven sizes with load capacities between 80 and 5,000kg. Depending on the load capacity, lifting speeds range from 4 to 24 m/min. The chain hoist can be controlled direct via a line supply.

A terminal strip integrated in the unit provides for direct and simple connection. Alternatively, DC-ProDC units can also be operated with Demag DSK or DST control pendants. Operating limit switches can be employed to cut off the lifting motions. As for all other chain hoists in the DC product family, the gearbox of units with direct control is also maintenance-free for up to 10 years.

The chain hoists can also be employed under extremely arduous ambient conditions and at very high temperatures. The rugged design provides for operation at temperatures up to 80°C and offers ease of maintenance.

The Demag product configurator (Hoist Designer) can be used to specify a chain hoist with direct control. This user-friendly online planning tool enables a large number of possible variants to be configured to select the right hoist unit and then order it direct via the Demag Shop system with only a few clicks.

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