26/01/2012 - 04:00 am

Delta Rigging & Tools Named Primary Distributor of Limpet Fall Protection Solution

Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc., Pearland, Texas, has been named the primary North American and Australian distributor of Limpet Technology Ltd.’s fall protection and climb assist solution in the oil and gas, wind power, energy generation, construction, and entertainment sectors.

The Limpet is a multi-functional height safety system that eliminates the risk of an accidental fall, provides up to 90-percent reactive climb assist, and offers emergency escape as well as remote rescue capabilities if a worker becomes incapacitated.

Originally designed for the wind-turbine industry, the system is now expanding into other work-at-height applications where its capabilities can prove beneficial. Eric Johnson, vice president of marketing for Delta Rigging & Tools, says that use on towercranes is a perfect application.

"The Limpet can help make the long climb from the ground up to the crane cab much safer and easier on the operator," said Johnson. He explains that when the operator hooks his or her harness onto the Limpet, the machine automatically weighs what's on its hook and can assist by lifting up to 90 percent of the weight. "That takes much of the effort out of the climb," said Johnson.In addition, the Limpet's naturally "locked" state prevents any drop if the climber slips, so it also forms a fall-prevention system.

In the case of a tower crane, the Limpet can also be an emergency remote rapid rescue system that can lower the operator, or other worker, to the ground safely if they become incapacitated.

On mobile cranes, he says the Limpet could be used for workers who have to climb to inspect booms or assemble and service gantries or other tall components.

Johnson says that in the case of industrial overhead cranes, the Limpet could be attached to a beam, or even used from the floor if reeved through a sheave mounted overhead, to provide safety for people working on the crane. It could also be used by anyone who has to climb fixed ladders in a plant for any reason.

The unit measures about 2'6" wide, 3 feet long, and 18 inches tall. It is rated to handle 617 pounds (280 kilograms) and comes standard with 460 feet of rope, though it could hold more, said Johnson.

All components that are exposed to weather are made of stainless steel, and its sensors use solid-state technology. Critical parts are built to a 15-time safety factor, and the unit is designed for 25 years of service life, said Johnson.

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