13/08/2012 - 04:00 am

Delta Unveils Man-Up Personnel Lift for Drilling Applications

Delta Rigging & Tools, Pearland, Texas, announces the release the Man-Up Personnel Lift. The first iteration of this product is for use in onshore applications. An offshore version will be released later this summer.

The primary application the Man-Up is designed for is a "Crown Mounted" dedicated personnel lifting device. The Man-Up is mounted on the top of the drilling rig, known as the "Crown".

The wire rope passes through an opening and the rider raises himself to various areas of the drilling rig to inspect the components which are unable to be accessed by other means.

There are two basic ways for the rider to be secured to the Man-Up wire rope: 

  • Body Harness
  • Bosun Chair 

The Man-Up Unit shown in the photo is displayed with a portable service base. The customer can also choose from the basic square steel tube mounts, allowing the Man-Up frame to be inserted and secured with locking pins.  The tube base can be welded or bolted to the customers needs.

Features of the Man-Up include: 

  • 220 volt single phase power.
  • Radio remote controls for the rider with Hazardous Area transmitter an option.
  • Base mount sockets made per customer application. To be welded or bolted in place on rig.
  • Rated at 500 lbs. load capacity.
  • Passive wire winder with storage up to 300' of 5/16" factory supplied wire rope.
  • Back up safety line lugs on mast for use with fall protection.
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards for personnel lifting.
  • Manual emergency descent release in case of power loss.
  • Upper limit switch.
  • For use on top of rig crown.
  • Internal wire rope overspeed device rather than separate mounted unit.
  • Secondary controls at hoist plus optional "pitch and catch" second radio backup.

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