21/03/2012 - 04:00 am

Demag Cranes Supplies Portal Harbor Crane to Brazil

Demag Cranes, Düsseldorf, Germany, commissioned its first Generation 5 Portal Harbor Crane in Latin America at the beginning of the year. This G HSK 4316 B, a variant of Model 4, is being used to handle fertilizers and construction material for Fospar S.A. Fertilizantes Fosfatados do Paraná at its terminal in the Brazilian Port of Paranagua. The crane is based on the manufacturer's Mobile Harbor Crane technology and is adapted to run on rails.

“We decided on the Gottwald Portal Harbor Crane because a large number of this crane type are already working successfully in many terminals with many different infrastructures,” said Ronaldo Sapateiro, operational manager of Fospar. “The company’s ability to respond to customer needs was also a key factor. The crane is ideally adapted to our terminal requirements.”

The compact construction, a relatively low overall weight and the individual portal configuration combine to make the G HSK 4316 B the ideal choice for the finger pier at Fospar’s terminal at Paranagua port. The portal of the G HSK 4316 B for Fospar was designed with a track gauge of 12 m and a clear height of 7 m under the crane portal, thus perfectly meeting the individual conditions on the finger pier. Included with the delivery of the crane, which is designed to run off the terminal's own electricity supply, are two grabs tailored to the respective applications, such as handling fertilizers and construction materials.

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