18/06/2012 - 15:58 pm

Demag process cranes for Volkswagen press shop


Demag Cranes has received an order from Volkswagen AG to equip a new Volkswagen Slovakia press shop in Bratislava, Slovakia, with crane technology. The lifting concept developed by Demag comprises two process cranes designed for the lifting and moving of pressing tools.

The two double-girder overhead travelling cranes, with spans of 32 metres, will travel on a 200-metre-long crane runway. An 80 tonne process crane will be equipped with a specially developed, motor-driven tool gripper. With this gripper, the tools required for the production of body parts, each weighing up to 65 tonnes, can be stored with economy of space in mind on three levels.

Furthermore, the crane comes with positioning control for independent control of up to 200 storage locations and discharge stations. In addition to tool transportation, the second process crane, with 70/32 tonne open winches, also turns the tool parts for maintenance work. This crane will be delivered in advance in autumn 2012 and used for the construction of the press line.

The second crane’s hoists are installed on a single crab, which means the crane can also turn the tools during maintenance work without setting down the load.

“The new press shop will afford us greater depth of production for the vehicles produced at our plant,” said Albrecht Reimold, CEO, Volkswagen Slovakia. “As a result, material handling times should be reduced and costs lowered.”

Lutz Dowy, head of the process cranes business line of Demag Cranes, added, “With our crane technology, we are making a major contribution to substantially reducing handling times for tools.”

Frequency-regulated drives provide for infinitely variable hoist speeds and synchronise the parallel motion of the hoist units in addition to the counter motion required for turning.

Both process cranes are equipped with by-pass control, in order to prevent collisions of the attached tools with machines or hall buildings. Collisions between the two cranes travelling on one runway are ruled out thanks to integrated optical spacing. The cranes also have a load sway damping system.

Construction of the new Volkswagen Slovakia press shop started in 2011. With the support of Demag crane technology, the first pressed parts should be manufactured in Bratislava by the end of 2013.

Since August 2011, U.S.-based Terex Group has a majority share in Demag Cranes.


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