04/12/2012 - 10:40 am

Demag refurbishes cranes at Indian railway truck manufacturer


Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd., of Kolkata, India’s largest railway truck manufacturer, has placed an order to refurbish eight overhead travelling cranes using Demag engineering.

Demag Service India first subjected the crane installations to a comprehensive inspection after which it developed a detailed upgrade concept. The plan is to refurbish the cranes step-by-step in such a way that day-to-day operations at Texmaco are not interrupted. The order involves installing tried-and-tested Demag components from Terex MH’s established product range.

“The refurbishment concept Demag Service presented to us was utterly convincing,” said D.H. Kela, president and CEO at Texmaco Rail & Engineering. “Once they have been converted, these cranes will provide higher reliability and safety to handle increased production. In Demag service we have selected a qualified partner who is in a position to support us and boost the safety, reliability and performance of our crane installations. In addition to this, Demag engineering has a good reputation with Texmaco as a result of the Texmaco UGL joint venture which successfully uses Demag crane technology.”

Manojit Acharya, executive director of Terex Material Handling India explained: “By implementing this holistic refurbishment approach, we are laying the foundations for our customer to secure a future-orientated investment. In doing so, we do not just concentrate on individual crane components, we consider the entire crane installation as a unit and its interface with the manufacturing and lifting processes.”

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