26/09/2017 - 17:10 pm

Dematic adds fleet management

Dematic, a member of the Kion Group and a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services for optimising the supply chain has added fleet management capabilities to Dematic Sprocket, its enterprise asset management solution and part of the Dematic iQ software suite.

"Many of our customers own and operate a fleet as part of their supply chain," says Brett Webster, director of Dematic Sprocket. "With these new features they will be able to manage their entire asset portfolio without having to purchase and maintain multiple asset systems – Dematic Sprocket will provide a unified, holistic view of their entire enterprise."

Dematic Sprocket is designed to streamline and automate processes in maintenance management with the addition of Fleet Management, Dematic Sprocket is taking that power and flexibility to the next level. Fleet Management features include:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS): Tracks equipment assets and maintenance repairs using VMRS codes in work orders, allowing reporting to be consistent across the entire fleet.
  • Fuel Tracking: Integrates with fuel card management systems so vehicles, fuel, oil, and other fluid usage are automatically brought into the cost of maintenance and inventory transactions.
  • Vehicle Valuation: Maintains data based on VIN information in the database to bring accurate valuation and pricing for resale, disposal and purchasing decisions.

The Fleet Management feature is configurable to match specific fleet tracking needs. It can quickly and efficiently replace existing systems or added as a new tool. And it fits seamlessly with the simple, intuitive user interface of the Dematic Sprocket user interface.

Dematic iQ is a comprehensive real-time software platform that automates and optimises distribution centre operations, coordinating material flow from receiving to shipping and enhancing equipment and labour productivity.

Built on a single global platform, Dematic iQ is a scalable solution from simple/conventional operations to highly integrated/automated facilities. Configurable, easy to implement modules encapsulate best practices learned over decades of material handling experience and through proprietary logistics and operational research.

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