10/11/2022 - 16:09 pm

Dica expands ground protection product line with SlatTrax acquisition

Dica has acquired SlatTrax, a next generation of ground protection and temporary access road for a variety of markets, including general construction, utilities, public works departments, grounds care, and hardscape contractors, to name a few. SlatTrax is an engineered ground protection solution that can be deployed mechanically or manually. Both options allow users to deploy and retrieve the roadway quickly.

“This acquisition is a natural expansion of the Dica brand. SlatTrax provides temporary worksite access, minimizes damage to lawns, and gives crews a stable work surface. Durable and easy to handle, SlatTrax is a unique solution for companies that are working with light and medium duty equipment in a wide variety of industries,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of Dica.

Dica acquired SlatTrax from Gary Ringus who was the founder and owner of the company. “I appreciate this opportunity to further develop SlatTrax products with a company that is aligned with my vision to create efficient and ergonomic ground protection solutions. Our common goal is to improve day-to-day operations for construction and maintenance crews,” said Ringus. Dica has assumed all ongoing operations for the SlatTrax brand, and Ringus remains involved, working as a consultant and a manufacturer’s representative during the transition.

“SlatTrax is not a mat – it’s a temporary roadway made up of 12.5ft. and 25ft. sections. The sectional design makes the construction of the temporary roads highly efficient because the slats can be separated without the use of tools or easily combined to create longer roads,” said Kevin Koberg, director of marketing at Dica. The roadway can be deployed from a spool attachment on a skid steer or manually moved into place by one or two people using built-in straps. SlatTrax is made of 0.75in recycled plastic slats which are connected with spine and capture joints that enables articulation (rolling) and arcing (curving) of the roadway.

Earlier this year, Dica moved to a new facility which doubled the company’s manufacturing capabilities. “Our new facility enables us to increase SlatTrax product availability and shorten lead times.  We are building inventory, and soon, all standard products will be available to ship from stock,” said Koberg.

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