17/12/2014 - 01:50 am

Douglas Battery Adds Industrial Lift Truck Chargers | Industry News

Douglas Battery recently introduced two new battery chargers for industrial lift truck applications: the Douglas Legacy Neo charger for applications where space is limited, and the Douglas Legacy Insight HF charger that enables opportunity charge for a wide range of batteries.

“We have expanded our line of chargers to better serve the demand from the battery-powered lift truck market,” said Brian Faust, general manager at Douglas Battery. “Our new models include a highly efficient, compact model designed for smaller businesses and a more versatile opportunity charger designed for larger fleet operations.”        

The Douglas Legacy Neo HF charger is a small, compact model that combines high efficiency and high power. It is ideal for operations where space is at a premium. The Douglas Legacy Neo HF charger’s IONIC profile constantly diagnoses the battery’s condition and adjusts the charging curve for optimum charge. Providing an optimum charge reduces heat and overcharge for maximum battery life. This charger is available in manual or automatic in three charging profiles: IONIC (flooded), Cold Store, or Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery.

The Douglas Legacy Insight HF charger delivers a higher power factor and efficiency than conventional chargers for reduced electrical bills. The Douglas Legacy Insight HF charger is capable of opportunity charge and can automatically charge batteries of various voltages and capacities. This can reduce or eliminate the need to change batteries during a shift. This versatile charger is available in manual or automatic in four charging profiles: IONIC™ (flooded), Opportunity Charge, VRLA battery and Cold Storage.

Douglas Battery chargers are compatible with the Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring system. The new chargers also meet the California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency standards.


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