13/08/2012 - 04:00 am

Drilling Systems Launches KraneSim Training Simulator for Offshore Cranes

Drilling Systems, the global real-time simulator specialists, has launched the KraneSIM Flite, the first portable fully functional advanced crane training simulator for offshore and dockside crane operations.

The KraneSIM Flite is the most innovative concept in crane training simulation today, weighing in at just 30 kilos, including custom chair, integrated joysticks, virtual panniers, a high-definition projector, instructor station, and ‘flyaround’ screen, all with the capability of being operated wirelessly.

The software includes a “scenario save” feature, student/operators record, three models of cranes, multiple load types, configurable ropes and running speeds, scene collision detection, malfunction, and exercise configurations.

This makes it the ideal training, assessment and recruitment tool; the system comes in a lightweight travel case (suitable as airline baggage) and can be set up in less than 20 minutes.

“As a result of market research and discussions with our existing clients we have identified the need for a portable, versatile, affordable Crane Training Simulator. We are confident that our new innovative product will meet our clients’ expectations and requirements” – said Charles Hamill-Stewart, Manager Crane Simulation at Drilling Systems Middle East.

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