28/07/2014 - 15:30 pm

EMH Launches New Range of AL Lightweight Crane Systems


EMH, Inc. (Engineered Material Handling), of Valley City, Ohio, has launched a new range of lightweight workstation cranes. The AL crane systems are flexible and easily installed, offering capacities up to 2,200 pounds.

With aluminum track profiles, AL crane systems are easily configured to suit almost any applications. Anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails maximize strength and provide longer durability.

Additional benefits include lightweight track profiles, EMH t-slot design and anti-kick-up nylon wheels. AL cranes are articulating, meaning that they are free moving and do not require movement at right angles. This feature also provides smooth operation and a low starting force even when the load is at the end of the bridge. With the EMH t-slot design, installation with a wide variety of integrating equipment, such as lifters and end-effectors, chain hoists or smart lifters, is easy and efficient. The t-slot splice design also eliminates bumps when a load is moved over track splices.

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