06/03/2017 - 16:39 pm

Enerpac Demonstrates Latest in Hydraulic Tools and Heavy Lifting Technology at ConExpo

Enerpac, a global market leader in high-pressure hydraulic tools, is exhibiting its latest developments in heavy lifting technology in Las Vegas at ConExpo 7-11 March, 2017. The outdoor display is showing a wide range of tools and leading heavy lifting equipment.

On its stand Enerpac has live demos of heavy-lifting products including the new SPMT600 Self-Propelled Modular Transporter, a compact solution for in-plant operation of transporting heavy loads. The SBL500 Hydraulic Telescopic Gantry is also on show with its lifting capacity of 585USt and four towers in the first stage. Other heavy-lifting products on show include the new JS250 jack-up system, the computer controlled HSL7006 strand jack, the EVOB816J synchronous lifting system and SFP404SJ split flow pump.

Enerpac heavy lifting systems and bolting tools are used on some of industry’s largest projects: from development of the world’s largest overhead offshore crane for the construction of a new offshore highway for Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. to the recent Fore River Bridge replacement in Massachusetts, and the installation of 25,000USt caissons for the MOSE flood prevention system in Venice, Italy.

Enerpac also focuses on providing a comprehensive line of globally-supplied, locally-supported industrial tooling solutions through its distributor network. These tools are designed to increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform. Working tool demos on the Enerpac stand include the PRW-Series pneumatic torque wrenches and ETW-Series electric torque wrenches, high tonnage cylinders, XC cordless pumps and Pow’R’Lock self-locking lifting system.

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