05/09/2017 - 15:35 pm

Enerpac High Tonnage Cylinders for Heavy Lifts in Harsh Environments

With increasing demand for heavier lifts in harsher environments, Enerpac has developed a new range of high tonnage cylinders. The Summit Edition cylinders offer durability, longer service life, and greater side-load resistance for increased heavy lift capability. The range consists of single-acting, double-acting, lock nut and low-profile hydraulic cylinders from 50 – 1000USt.

The Summit Edition design includes advanced bearing and sealing technology to extend the boundaries for eccentric loads, and reduced cylinder maintenance intervals. The effects of corrosion and scoring are no longer a concern because of a nitro-carburisation surface treatment.  

Mechanical securing of the load, side load absorption, an overflow port and safety valve, are important safety features of the new Enerpac cylinders. In addition, safe and easy handling is ensured by certified lifting eyes, collar thread and base mounting holes.

While improving safety features, the Summit Edition is very durable. A longer service life, reduced maintenance, and good side-load capabilities means thatusers can confidently take on very demanding heavy lift applications.




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