25/09/2012 - 04:00 am

EnKon Offers Electric Belt Drive Scissor Lift Table

EnKon Systems, Walled Lake, Mich., has manufactured an electric belt drive scissor lift table that provides static positioning indefinitely to +/- .01 inches. The electric belt drive lift also offers precision control to +/- .06 inches, which can be improved with an encoder.

This specific system consists of a portable electric belt drive lift table integrated with a rail system mounted on its top frame to assist in the pick and place of parts in a large furnace. The lift system’s vertical travel speed is 1.7 inches per second with a 1,300-pound capacity. The lift’s triple belt design offers a high level safety factor, and requires very little maintenance. Equipped with a flash-resistant electrical plug for 110 volts, a UL-listed control package, and zinc-plated components, EnKon’s belt drive scissor lifts are designed for a clean room applications.

EnKon’s electric belt drive scissor lift tables are typically a less expensive option, depending on the application, compared to the traditional electric ball screw scissor lift system.  EnKon offers both systems and designs each lift system per specifications of the application. 

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