18/06/2015 - 14:34 pm

Ergonomic 500kg hoist

Digichain from French manufacturer Verlinde is a suspended ergonomic load handling tool, controlled by push buttons, designed for accurate positioning of loads of up to 500kg. Ergonomic features include dual hand grips and dual control system so it can be used equally easily by left or right-handed operators. An adjustment knob orientates the lifting hook and hand-grips for optimal performance depending on the type of operation required. The lifting hook can also be easily removed so other lifting or handling accessories can be used.

Digichain’s safety features include: its spiral control cable, which is designed to prevent any risk of its catching on objects during handling; it is fitted with a bottom and top limit switch and it uses a 48V LVC controller to ensure maximum user safety.

The hoist weighs 3.2kg with a 5m maximum lifting height.

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