22/08/2011 - 04:00 am

Eriez Expands in U.S, Canada, China and India

Eriez, Erie, Pa., which manufactures lifting magnets, will expand its operations in the U.S, Canada, China and India to address the growing global demand for its products, it said. "We are proud and excited to report that Eriez is not only growing at home, but also across the globe," said Tim Shuttleworth, Eriez president and CEO.

In the U.S., Eriez has purchased a 114,000 square foot building that is approximately 15 miles from its Asbury Road world headquarters in Erie, Pa. The new building, located at 1901 Wager Road in Erie, will house the company’s 5-Star Service Center and handle manufacturing of its largest equipment including recycling systems, column flotation cells and Hydroflow fluid filtration and recycling equipment.

Eriez completed the purchase of the Wager Road building in late June. Eriez plans to complete renovations to the space and move operations by the end of 2011.

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