08/04/2014 - 14:36 pm

Eriez New HydroFlow Star Filter Offers Alternative to Rotating Vacuum Drum Filters | Industry News

Eriez HydroFlow STAR Filters are designed with advanced features that Eriez says eliminate common problems with rotating vacuum filters. 

Typically installed as central systems with flow rates above 250 GPM and filtration to one micron, the Star Filter uses a centrifugal pump to draw liquid through a permanent media element with an optional feed of cellulose filter-aid for extra fine filtration.  Their design enables the maximum filtration area in the most economical use of space.

Individual panels are positioned to provide a vertical drop to dislodge the filter cake, which allows a gentle yet thorough settling of the vacuum compressed filter cake. Each Star element can be removed for inspection and reinstalled into the STAR seal without concern for misalignment or proper sealing.

The element’s star shape and the filter panel’s compact rectangular design maintains structural integrity after removal from the filter. With the end caps removed, cleaning on both sides of the filter panels is simple, unlike the circular construction used in drum filters.

Star Filters are suitable for a broad variety of applications that require a high level of filtration, including grinding, machining, superfinishing, and rolling mills working steel, carbide, glass, ceramic, aircraft alloys, cast-iron, and aluminum.

“Our HydroFlow Star Filters have proven to be real workhorses delivering high pressure, ultra-clean coolant to our 21 precision grinding centers,” said Scott Stang, manufacturing technology manager at Hi-Tek Manufacturing. 

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