07/03/2016 - 16:28 pm

FieldAware Releases True Crew, for Optimising a Service Teams in the Field – Industry News

US company FieldAware, a leader in mobile, cloud-based field service automation solutions, has released True Crew, a new feature for large service organisations. The new functionality enables crew-based scheduling, task assignment, time tracking and inter-crew communications.

With its mobile app, FieldAware enables service organisations to automate their processes by easily connecting field technicians with customer/job specific data and powerful tools, both in the app and in back office systems. For large service organisations that deploy crews with multiple team members in the field, True Crew allows each crew to be managed as a separate group within the FieldAware solution. It distributes functionality from a central, organisation-wide point to potentially hundreds of sub-groups while feeding data and information back up into central CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), Inventory and other systems of record.

Andy Murphy, director of product management at FieldAware says, “Crews are typically distributed geographically, or based on customer, service or skill type. Enabling collaboration within those specific groups is important to our customers. True Crew enables an organisation to customise workflows, tasks, regulatory functions and more on an individual crew basis, while maintaining a high level of visibility across the business.”

One of the customers that partnered with FieldAware early to define the new feature is a large engine manufacturer and distributor that provides equipment life cycle services. The customer is using True Crew to:
• Group crews regionally worldwide for post-sales service and support; and to customize workflows on a per-crew basis.
• Enable more efficient decision-making locally within the crew to ensure high levels of customer service and to improve productivity.
• Assess individual crew performance and identify/institute best practices based on top performers.

Lynn Jones, vice president of marketing at FieldAware says, “Our customers tell us that their crews need the ability to operate independently to streamline decision- making and deliver the best possible customer experience. True Crew empowers their crews to do that, but at the same enables the organisation to have real-time visibility into any operation at any time and the ability to update back office customer and financial systems automatically.”

FieldAware is made for mobile solutions to provide field personnel with mobile tools that increase their productivity, generate more revenue and build customer loyalty. Its web-based back office functions are built on a flexible, cloud-based architecture with unlimited configurable fields that can accommodate virtually any business process. FieldAware’s solution is integrated with the leading CRM, ERP and accounting systems and easily integrates with a business’s custom back office applications.

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