20/02/2018 - 14:36 pm

First Skyjack SJ85s delivered to Australia

Skyjack has delivered its first Australian order of SJ85 AJs to Botany Access, Australia. The New South Wales company had its eyes on Skyjack’s newest articulating boom since it was unveiled at the 2017 Vertikal Days event in the UK. This order initiated the first SJ85 AJs heading to job sites in Australia.

“Skyjack’s service and support is always on the ball and the machines’ reliability is second to none,” says Dave Wright, service manager at Botany Access. “We saw the SJ85 AJ at Vertikal Days and with its dual capacity, EasyDrive, and SpeedyReach, I knew this was a product that our customers would want to hire.”

The SJ85 AJ is Skyjack’s largest articulating boom and has a working height of 27.74m (91ft), up and over clearance of 10.36m (34ft), and a horizontal outreach of 17.07m (56ft). The open-centre knuckle design also means the fly boom can be lowered to ground level for re-stocking without lowering the riser, which increases job site efficiency.

“With our expansion across the east coast we need to partner with manufacturers who can support our growth and give us the service we need,” said managing director of Botany Access, Justin Brownbill.

In addition to its order of SJ85 AJs, Botany Access also supplemented its existing stock of Skyjack SJIII 3226 scissor lifts. The working height of 9.75m (32ft) is in demand from Botany’s existing customer base and its current SJIII 3226s are in high use.

Skyjack, sales and operations director Jason Cranmer said, “We’ve been doing business with Botany Access since 2010 and have watched them grow into a significant player in the New South Wales market. We’re excited to see what the future has in store and look forward to growing together.”

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