09/05/2012 - 17:03 pm

Floating crane for Mississippi

Associated Terminals LLC, Louisiana, is expanding its fleet of machines with a seventh Gottwald floating crane. A Generation 5 Model 8 variant will be starting commercial operation this month and will be one of the highest performance floating cranes handling bulk materials on the Mississippi, Demag said.

Currently, six Gottwald floating cranes supplied by Demag Cranes are in operation with Associated Terminals. The latest unit can handle loads up to 100 tonnes (110 U.S. tons) and has an impressive 63-tonne grab curve for handling bulk materials. Depending on the operating conditions, it can lift as much as 1,850 tonnes of bulk materials per hour.

“On the Mississippi, in particular, where quay facilities are few and far between, we intend to use the new Gottwald floating crane to improve our versatility in terms of midstream cargo handling,” said Gary Poirrier, director, Associated Terminals.

“In view of a steady increase in the volume of freight coupled with ever greater pressure to reduce costs, our customers require rapid, efficient cargo handling. In order to achieve high capacities and excellent handling rates, we are investing in reliable handling equipment made by the world market leader in floating cranes.”

The G HPK 8400 B will be used for the efficient transhipment of bulk materials including ores, coal, grain and fertilisers from larger sea-going vessels in size up to 1.150 feet to inland waterway vessels.

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