18/10/2013 - 16:27 pm

Force Logic Launches New Range of Load-Master Wireless Load Indicators


Load cells and load indicating systems specialist Force Logic UK has launched a new range of Load-Master wireless load indicators.

The LM Load Cells and SLP Load Shackles with radio transmitters can now be received by a series of wireless instruments to cover virtually any tension measurement or overhead weighing application.

Starting with the simple portable handset as before, the system can now be built up to include large displays, ticket printers and ‘direct to PC’ indicating and data logging software.

Without the need to consider cable routing, the long battery life and range of over 100m means wireless Load-Master products simplify the use of load indicating systems in lifting, handling and moving operations.

“In keeping with a continuing increase in demand for wireless monitoring and control systems, the new range of instruments enable added functionality at any time without needing to re-engineer the complete system,” said Force Logic managing director Tom Williams.

“The use of load indicating systems in lifting and materials handling is rapidly increasing and our product range needs to reflect the ever expanding variety of applications and new uses of the technology,” he added.

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