27/03/2015 - 20:42 pm

Free-fall prevention

UK company Harken has launched the new LokHead, winch, which is designed to prevent free-fall. Harken hardware solutions can be applied across a range of industries from emergency access and rescue to construction. The company has applied its marine heritage to create rugged products that can be used in extreme environments. By combining innovation and modern lightweight materials such as fibre rope instead of heavy wire, it has been able customers solve their load lifting and handling problems saving time, money and increasing efficiency.  

The Harken Industrial range is designed to be simple to use, flexible, versatile, powerful and robust. The new LokHead winch – a self-tailing, man-riding winch with the security and safety of a captive head that offers security against accidental free fall

Other products include the access rail system, Powerseat, and winches. The access rail system is an adjustable anchorage system for external maintenance and provides freedom of movement at height and gives the operator the ability to lock into one position as they work

The PowerSeat, provides an operator working at height with the ability to ascend quickly, stay in position longer and work in comfort

The range of winches is suitable for a variety of applications from emergency recovery, manual load lifting, tripod applications and certified man riding. The range of power ratios the winches offer help to reduce fatigue and risk of injury when managing heavy loads.

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