18/10/2011 - 04:00 am

Galizia Unveils New Electric Telehandlers

Italian manufacturer Galizia unveiled its latest innovations in electric compact telehandlers at the recent Marmomac Verona and SAIE Bologna trade shows. The new multi-function telehandlers, called Multis, are designed and built to fill a gap in the sector of electric industrial lifting machinery, says a Galizia representative. The unit is compact, with a chassis length of 10’10” and width of 5’8”.

The machine’s turning radius is exceptionally tight, possibly as good as a three-wheeled crane’s, with full 90° steering on the rear axle. Twin AC electric motors directly drive the front wheels, which can counter rotate to help improve the telehandler’s turning circle and reduce stress build-up during sharp turns. A separate AC motor drives the telehandler’s hydraulics.

A hook, forks, clamps, a vacuum system, and other accessories enable it to lift and move any kind of load.

Moreover, the low boom hinge point allows simple, effective access for loading vans or containers.

Multis can be also equipped with a bucket to remove scrap or perform small work in the yard, and can also be equipped with an aerial platform.

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