05/04/2012 - 04:00 am

Genie to Show Anti-Crushing Device Prototype at Intermat

Genie, Redmond, Wash., will debut an optional anti-crushing device this month at Intermat. The Operator Protective Structure (OPS) device can be installed on articulating or telescopic boom lifts, and it provides secondary protection for operators in the event of contact with an overhead obstacle.

“We are aware of incidents where operators made contact with overhead obstacles while operating aerials,” said Scott Krieger, senior product manager, Genie boom lifts and telehandlers. “Ultimately, the operator in conjunction with the worksite supervisor is responsible for identifying and avoiding overhead obstacles. But as a secondary measure, we are working both independently and with various partners to provide protective solutions for a variety of worksite conditions.”

Based on of the concepts of other SAE operator protective standards, the Genie OPS can be attached to boom lifts with 6- to 8-foot platforms. The tubular steel structure is designed to transfer the kinetic energy into surrounding structures while maintaining a protected area for the operator. It weighs 36 pounds (16 kilograms) and is bolted directly on the boom lift’s platform; no modifications are needed. Product availability and pricing are forthcoming.

Also on display at the Terex booth at Intermat will be the “SkySiren” solution developed by Lavendon, as well as the “Sanctuary Rails” prototype by AFI. Genie is currently reviewing both prototypes and have approved their installation on Genie boom lifts.

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