25/09/2017 - 15:50 pm

Genie’s “Ask Me Anything” Event To Address Load Sense Technology and the Xtra Capacity Boom Line

Genie is inviting customers to ask questions and get answers about load sense technology in aerial work platforms (AWPs), or mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), during its upcoming “Ask Me Anything” event, 2-6 October.

On 2 October, Genie will post an AMA prompt on Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page, as well as simultaneously sharing on social media, to garner questions. The post will stay open, or “live,” for questions and comments until the 6 October. The goal of this third Genie AMA event is to educate customers on load sense technology, as well as discuss how this technology is incorporated in the new Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) boom lifts.

Sean Larin, Genie’s product manager, Terex AWP, said, “With changing industry safety standards in North America (ANSI/CSA) and the increased focus on safety and load sensing globally, customers are asking questions about how those changes will impact them and what benefits the Genie XC boom line offers them.  This event is an opportunity for us to address any questions customers have about the updated standards, the new load sensing technology and the new generation of Genie booms that have been, and will be, introduced to meet global requirements.”

Ahead of this event, Genie encourages customers and key stakeholders to gain preliminary information on this topic through a video presentation, which can be accessed at Genie AMA Event Presentation. Additional information and resources can be found at www.aerialpros.genielift.com.

Once questions are posted and reviewed, Genie will post responses from its team members, including engineering and safety experts, to the questions in a timely manner. Customers wishing to participate in the AMA event, or simply to follow the questions and responses, can access the Genie Aerial Pros website in a variety of ways, including:

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