29/01/2014 - 22:34 pm

GGR Group Adds Super Strong Glass Lifter to Hire Fleet | Industry News

Lifting specialist GGR Group has added to its growing hire fleet of glass handling equipment with the Hydraulica 2600 Quad-Circuit Compact glass vacuum lifter.  This heavy-duty machine is now the highest capacity glass lifter available in the UK with a 2600kg of lifting power and features the latest quad circuit vacuum technology for ultimate safety on site.

Keeping up with the architectural trend for large-format glazed units and contractor demand for safer lifting solutions, GGR has added the super-sized Hydraulica 2600 to its vast range of glass vacuum lifters for hire and sale. This below-the-hook lifter allows for the quick and easy installation of larger and heavier glass units than ever before whilst maintaining the highest safety standards for lifting machinery.

GGR’s newest lifter was recently used with a 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane on a glazing project in Blackfriars, London. Each of the 7 metre tall panels weighed 2100kg and will form the building’s reception area.  

The Hydraulica 2600 is also GGR’s first quad-circuit machine, offering extra security when handling heavy loads. If one of the machine’s four independent vacuum circuits failed then the remaining three could safely hold the load weight.  The Hydraulica’s 210° powered rotation and 90° hydraulic tilt functions allow larger loads to be accurately manipulated into the correct position for installation with minimal manual handling required.

Bigger is definitely better when it comes to this lifter as it features extra large 520mm diameter vacuum pads for quicker and more effective suction onto the load and extendable lifting frame arms which span 5 metres for better load coverage.

GGR has also added a mid-weight capacity quad-circuit machine to its hire fleet, the Kombi 7441-Quadra vacuum lifter.  With a 1125kg lifting capacity and a multi-configurable frame that can adapted to suit different load sizes, this new lifter features a stepless 90° hydraulic powered tilt function and manual 100° left and right rotation. This lifter has been hired out in the UK for glazing projects and recently installed glass at production facility for an international champagne brand in France.

GGR Group’s CEO Graeme Riley comments, “We’re offering our customers more vacuum lifting power than ever before with these larger-than-life machines, but without compromising our high standards for lifting safely on site. I’m proud to say that we’re still leading the way with providing the widest range of lifters and the latest in lifting technology to the glazing industry.”

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