13/01/2015 - 18:52 pm

GGR Group Delivers Mini-Crane to Kimberly-Clark | Industry News

GGR Group recently sold a G20 pick and carry mini-crane to Kimberly-Clark, which manufacturers products under major personal care brands like Kleenex, Andrex, and Huggies. 

The G20 crane was delivered to Kimberly-Clark’s Kent depot and will be used in the company’s plant.  Five Kimberly-Clark staff completed familiarisation training with GGR Group trainer Adrian Richardson. Richardson then handed the keys to the project manager, Terry Finch. ‘‘I am very happy to add the G20 to our fleet, after seeing what it can do I am impressed with its versatility,” Finch said. “I am sure that with the G20 in use, many jobs around the depot will now be a lot easier.’

The G20 is the smallest crane in GGR’s range and one of its most popular models. It is battery powered with zero emissions, enabling it to be used indoor or in compact spaces. Operating the G20 produces little noise, which is useful in enclosed environments. Its manoeuvrability and 2-tonne lifting power allows it to be used in place of a forklift. With a 5.3-meter maximum lifting height, the G20 can quickly pick, carry and place loads thanks to its 180° rear drive.



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