30/01/2013 - 14:49 pm

GGR Introduces Pair of Spider Lifts


GGR Group has introduced a pair of unique, multi-functional spider lifts, the Cormidi KB19-4 and KB22-4, to its expanding range of lifting solutions for hire and purchase. The KB series operate as an access platform, under-bridge platform and spider crane with optional searcher hook or winch.

Representing the next generation of access platform engineering, the KB19-4 and KB22-4 are the first true spider lift-crane fusion machines, according to GGR. The KB19-4 and KB22-4 cranes have three stage telescoping hydraulic booms with innovative knuckle sections and hydraulic jibs for accurate positioning.

These access platforms can reach a 19.5 metre (KB19-4) or 22 metre (KB22-4) working height with an impressive 11.3 metres of horizontal side reach and 4 metre down reach for under-bridge work.

Weighing just 2,900kg, the lightweight KB19-4 is more suitable for low point loading areas than competing under-bridge units which can weigh over 8t. As an alternative access solution to large, heavy trailer or truck-mounted machines, the KB spider platforms can be quickly set up and stowed away.

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