22/02/2013 - 14:37 pm

GGR mini spider crane lifts cars at Silverstone race circult


Mini crane hire specialist GGR Group was put in the driving seat at Silverstone race course recently as a 10 tonne capacity UNIC mini spider crane was used to lift luxury cars for a promotional events company.

The latest addition to GGR‘s range of UNIC mini spider cranes, the UNIC URW-1006 model, was set up in the pit lane of the famous circuit—the home of the British Grand Prix—to lift three cars, staging equipment and 220kg gaming pods up to a first floor rooftop of the Silverstone Wing venue.

The UNIC URW-1006 has a 30.7 metre maximum lifting height and 24.3 metre working radius. The 10 tonne capacity compact crane was selected for this job as it had the lifting power and reach to transport each load to a 12 metre height, configurable outriggers to provide a stable lifting base and precision controls to move the valuable vehicles with accuracy. 

Two of GGR‘s experienced crane operators were on hand to lift the three 1,500kg cars using the giant spider crane and a car lifting hoist created by GGR‘s own in-house research and development team. Designed to lift vehicles in restricted access areas using UNIC mini cranes, the 2.5 tonne capacity portable hoist can be adjusted to fit car lengths up to 2.4 metres and the two steel box frame sections slide underneath the car’s wheels to lift it without damaging its body. 

GGR CEO Graeme Riley said: “The Silverstone lifting job was a great success; the work was completed to schedule and the customer was impressed with how efficiently our crane and operators worked.”

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