25/07/2019 - 18:28 pm

Giant Crane reaches Ashdod Port

The Ashdod Port Company has taken delivery of what is believed to be the largest crane in use in any Israeli port. The crane cost about €9.5 million and Ashdod has the option to purchase a further nine similar cranes. ​

The new crane made by ZPMC was manufactured in Shanghai and is arriving on a Zenhua23 ship belonging to the Chinese crane manufacturer.  The crane reaches to a height of 123.5m with its arm fully raised; it is designed to handle containers and abnormal loads, and to work with ships with a capacity of 18,000 TEU.  The length of the crane’s water side boom is 66m, suitable for ships with a width of 59m carrying 23 rows of containers.

The crane is equipped with electrical and control systems which have the capability to improve the output of large ships, including the option of semi-automatic operation, and a system to control damage. The crane has a system of cameras and optical readers that display container numbers automatically, plus a system of digital lights to assist in the rapid and precise placement of towing vehicles.

The crane is expected to improve working speeds by about 15%, reducing the time required to load containers and cargo. With an improvement of up to 30% in trolley speed (into and out of the ship).  The crane can travel at up to 45m/min.

It can lift about 65t of containers, and up to 95t of abnormal load, using a special hook, functions that were not possible before the crane’s arrival.  Introduction of the crane will take a few days, and it is expected to be in use by July.

Orna Hozman Bechor, chairman of the board of directors of the Ashdod Port Company, said, “The introduction of the largest crane in Israeli ports puts Ashdod Port at the forefront of operations and technology, and will enable the company to continue providing the most advanced solution currently available in the field of marine cargo in Israel, with considerable improvement to the Port’s output.”

Yitzhak Blumenthal, CEO of the Ashdod Port Company, said, “This is a unique operational project, which required long and intense preparation by everyone involved at the Port.  The Ashdod Port Company stands for excellence and innovation, and the entry of Israel’s largest crane expresses these values.”

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