28/10/2015 - 17:59 pm

Gorbel’s Easy Arm 660 now available.

Gorbel’s Easy Arm 660 is now available. This new Easy Arm, with load capacity up to 660lbs, addresses a variety of application needs ranging from placement of automobile engines, to loading of large plates in CNC machines.  It is a free-standing, plug-and-play lifting solution incorporating the G-Force Intelligent Lifting technology with the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane. 

The unit offers the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator with high precision.  Easy Arm 660 can span up to 14ft, alongside pinpoint precision, the unit can reach lifting speeds up to 45ft/min for high production environments.

The integral, electrical servo-powered G-Force is fully-programmable to match the device with the work being performed, and can be outfitted with tooling capabilities designed specifically for the size and structure of the load.  Capacity overload, power loss protection, and a built-in float mode for exact positioning allow the system to stand-out from other lifting devices.

Allowing workers full control when lifting and positioning items weighing up to 660 pounds, the Easy Arm 660 provides a complete solution in a single, compact package.

Gorbel has more than 30 years of experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. The company has a comprehensive line of Crane Technology products, including workstation bridge cranes, patented track cranes, I-beam jib cranes, gantries, and work station jib cranes. The company also has a line of ergonomic lifting products, featuring the G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device, the Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm, and the G-Jib.

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