12/06/2012 - 10:33 am

Gottwald harbour crane for smaller cargo handling


In launching its Model 2, Gottwald Port Technology GmbH, a subsidiary of Demag Cranes, has produced a harbour crane that is specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller terminals in maritime and river ports.

The new model has a maximum lifting capacity of 80 tonnes, a radius of up to 40m and hoisting speeds of up to 120m/min. Model 2 is the first member of Gottwald‘s small crane family, which has now extended Gottwald‘s Generation 5 harbour cranes into the realms of smaller cargo handling.

While this launch heralds the new crane model as a whole, Gottwald has chosen to use the occasion to introduce a new crane type, the G HRK rubber-tyred portal harbour crane. According to the company, this crane type combines the mobility of the classic rubber-tyred G HMK mobile harbour crane with the benefits attached to a drive-under portal solution, such as that offered by the G HSK portal harbour crane.

Alongside these types, Gottwald also offers the new Model 2 as a floating crane (G HPK harbour pontoon crane or as the G HSK portal harbour crane on a barge) with individually tailored barges and as the fixed G HPK pedestal-mounted harbour crane.

“Our Model 2 fully meets the demand for a versatile handling machine constructed specially for smaller maritime and river ports. At the same time, the launch of the new G HRK crane type further cements our pioneering reputation in harbour cranes based on proven mobile harbour crane technology,” said Giuseppe Di Lisa, head of port and intermodal cranes at Demag Cranes.

“By combining the diversity of crane types and variants on the one hand with our advance order programme on the other, we are able to offer customers tailored solutions and short delivery lead-times. This is a concept that terminal operators all over the world are benefiting from,” he added.

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