07/09/2006 - 05:00 am

Grove Introduces New YardBoss Models

Manitowoc Crane Group, Manitowoc, Wis., has updated and expanded its line of YardBoss industrial cranes. The 22-ton capacity YB7722 and YB7722XL replace the previous 7720/7720XL 20-ton cranes. The 9-ton YB4409-2 is a new addition to the product line.

Besides the capacity enhancement, the YB7722 and the XL version feature a 15-ton deck carrying capacity and a 15-ton on-rubber capacity. The YB7722 is equipped with a 43-foot, three-section boom, while the XL version has a 67-foot, five-section boom. A 17-foot off-settable jib is optional. The three-position pivoting boom head allows for operation in areas where headroom is limited. A standard quick reeve boom head and hook block allow operators to change from two-part to single-part line without having to disassemble the wedge and socket.

Doyle Bryant, MCG's director of new product development, says structural reinforcements that were added to the crane make it even more rugged. “We've added stiffeners and other components to reinforce the chassis on this crane,” he said. “This helps make the crane even more durable for demanding rental applications.”

The YB4409-2 offers a three-section 31-foot main boom and the ability to offset its jib. With its boom and jib configuration of 48 feet, the YB4409-2 has an 8-foot reach advantage over its nearest competitor. Its 9-ton maximum lift capacity can be handled through 360 degrees and not only over the front. The crane also offers lower ground bearing pressure thanks to a 10% increase in outrigger pad area versus other cranes.

A pivoting boom head allows for low-profile operation at boom angles above five degrees. With the boom at its maximum angle, the YB4409-2 offers dimensions from boom tip to the base of hook opening of just 43 inches.

Tom McCallum, director of industrial crane sales at MCG, said, “The YB4409-2 crane fits between our 8.5-ton YB4409 and 10.5-ton YB4411 models. Its design comes from the cost-effective chassis from the YB4409, joined with the upper portion of the YB4411. The result is a higher capacity, more functional crane.”

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